Hi. I’m Bianca. I am a twenty-something writer, (aspiring) stray animal whisperer, and perpetual wonder-er on a mission. I live in the Philippines, where I work with amazing young people and teams across the world, learning and engaging in God’s mission as we go.

I love Jesus; my faith is integral to who I am and the way I see the world, and ultimately, how I interact with it. At the end of the day, I’m a normal person who trips up in both major and minor ways, getting by on Grace, wanting to make a difference wherever I am called.

The blog

I have always needed to write something down to make sense of it. Paper helps me see where the ideas fit; it’s like steadily collecting all the puzzle pieces I need to complete a large and intricate picture, but I need the space to try putting the pieces down in the right order. 

This blog is that spacewith every important life milestone yielding its share of puzzle pieces—mostly musings on creativity, culture, and the universal human experience.

(It’s a journey, after all.)