Lessons from learning to ride a bike.

A milestone: The siblings taught me how to ride a bike today!

I fell off on my first try; I didn’t know how to stop after I gained momentum. (Brakes are quite helpful–who knew?) My sister laughed her head off as I “dolphin-dived” for the sidewalk and into a puddle of water. I wasn’t too surprised. The lifelong pitiable state of my physical coordination ensured I would fall off at one point or other; it might as well have been the first time.

A few notable pointers from my brother, which also apply as profound life lessons:

  • Don’t keep looking at your gear. Look forward. Look at the road. If you’re looking at how your wheels are wobbling, you’ll just panic. Keep your eyes up.
  • You’re overthinking it. Don’t overthink it.
  • Even when you’re wobbling at first, keep pedaling. Pedaling will help.
  • When you’re going too fast, you have brakes. Remember to use the brakes!
  • Stop thinking that you’re going to fall over, because then you’ll just fall over. Think about moving forward.

After about an hour outside, we managed to get me pedaling and braking properly. We probably would have gone on if it hadn’t started to rain. It was a fruitful end to an already pretty good day.

Here’s to the first of many failed attempts (at bike-riding), and learning how to do it right. 🙂


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