Poetry Night: Thoughts from Yugto


i. When you sit really close to the front of the room, you can see people’s hands tremble as they perform. You see the way they steel themselves before they step up to the microphone, hear the subtle dips in faltering voices. You catch these glimpses of actual human beings, mustering up the courage to tell a room what their story is. Continue reading “Poetry Night: Thoughts from Yugto”

Poems from Sri Lanka

Written in three different stages during our time there: the first on a plane from KL to Colombo; the next in the dead of our second night in SL; the third sitting in an airport, waiting for my last flight home to Butuan.­


Photo by P. Tolentino

the father across the aisle is reading
to his daughter. she is seven years old
and tiny. she peers at the world,
wide-eyed through dark-rimmed
glasses. Continue reading “Poems from Sri Lanka”