Why this blog exists.

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There are just days you wake up and know that a new page in your life has turned. You can’t really articulate it at first, but you feel that things are different.

A subtle transition between an old end and a fresh start.

Phases, inextricable and overlapping.

Change is a fascinating thing. I am amazed at how unobtrusively we evolve–a million little shifts that add up and suddenly, we look around and realize how unfamiliar the world looks.

Probably because we see it through new eyes.

This switch to a new blog has been a long time coming now. I used to write my insights on another blog somewhere–the mothership blog, accumulated over nine years of combined WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogspot entries–but I’ve changed so much from the last time I wrote there that reviewing my past entries feels like reading someone else’s thoughts. Starting over on a new space is a fitting reflection for the way my own inner landscape has changed.

There are parts of our identity that remain undeniably constant, though. A few weeks ago my mother found an old poem that I’d written when I was eight years old. It was a piece about death, and in the poem I was trying to grapple with the truth of dying. From the very beginning, writing has been the way I processed the world around me; I often need to put something down on paper in order to fully explore a difficult concept, or to know what I truly think, or to figure out a way forward. The process often ends up being creative, resulting in poems or prose, and a whole lot of rambling.

This is what the blog is for. A space to make sense of things, but also to record the million little shifts that occur as I continue to grow and change.

I also find it easier to write freely when I streamline my content and keep everything organized. (Being a writer means you’re always putting your thoughts down, and these often end up in several random places, so.) Life and insights on this blog. Poetry/creative exploits on another. Bite-sized bookmarks on Twitter. So, a place for everything and everything in its place–as the saying goes.

Maybe after a year I will be another person, again. Maybe that means a different blog altogether, or maybe I’ll revisit the old one that I’ve kept away for now. Who knows?

In the meantime, hello friend and fellow human. You are welcome to join me in the grappling. 🙂


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