Listen, B.

This is you from five years later. Yes, you made it. No, you’re not crazy. I’m here to tell you what life is like, but first, a few spoilers.

Poems from Sri Lanka

Written in three different stages during our time there: the first on a plane from KL to Colombo; the next in the dead of our second night in SL; the third sitting in an airport, waiting for my last flight home to Butuan.­

Just around the riverbend.

This song resonates with me for a number of reasons. Just Around The Riverbend is about someone going on a journey that doesn’t make sense to people around her.

Bone tired and #thebetterpart, yo.

This is the kind of tired when it feels like the exhaustion has crept into your bones and weighs you down like lead. Last week we discovered that our two-week trip to South Asia is most definitely happening after all. I am looking forward to this new adventure, but it also means cramming two weeks’…

People are icebergs.

I had an unexpected conversation with my orthodontist a week ago.  A real conversation, set off by an honest question that I chose to return with an equally honest answer. She offered to drive me home after our appointment, and we spent the car ride sharing, well, battle scars.

Storytelling in missions mobilization.

The stories that we tell shape our worldview. When someone asks us what our stories are, what do we say? How do we tell them? The ways that we tell and re-tell our personal narratives informs our identity, as well as how we see and interact with the world.